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Atlanta, GA – On Wednesday, May 1, 2019, a new space called All Together Now will open at The Beacon in Grant Park. Part affordable art shop, part community workshop and event space, All Together Now seeks to engage new supporters of Atlanta’s arts and culture scene, by creating a fun and accessible place to participate in the arts.

All Together Now is the collective name used by Pamela Barba of Vamos Ladies; Grace Gardner, independent curator and arts administrator; Hope Hilton of the Center for Art and Life; and Gina Livingston of Medium Arts. Together, they have created a space that functions in two main ways.

“Our first priority is to create a shop that engages new art collectors,” said Hilton. “We do this by making it easy and affordable. Work in the shop starts at $20 and there’s nothing over $300. All art is framed and ready to hang in a home; we even send the buyer away with a hook and instructions on how to properly hang the work.”

The second function of the space is to offer local creatives a place to try out their ideas for public workshops, events or performances.

“We are passionate about helping creatives and entrepreneurs introduce their brands to the public by providing space and marketing support,” said Barba. “It’s a community-based model: we aren’t just an event space for rent. We are here because we want to see everyone succeed.”

One of the main concerns for the All Together Now collective is that it becomes a space for authenticity and inclusivity. “We believe in listening to the community, especially people of color, in hopes of building a space where people can feel safe to bring their full, authentic, creative selves,” said Barba.

Over 35 artists are participating in All Together Now, with additional artists selected on a rolling basis. “We are showing emerging artists like Antoneisha Ashay and Victoria Garcia as well as more established Atlanta artists like Rachel Ibarra and Christa David,” said Gardner. “Each of the selected artists have created unique pieces across a variety of mediums that showcase their skills and techniques. With a selection of ceramics, photography, paintings, woodcuts, and collages, there is something for everyone.”

Events and workshops occurring at the space feature over 20 different individuals and organizations presenting a wide variety of programs. “We have yoga classes with Eugene “Bear” Gibbs, alongside headwrapping workshops with Attallah Pamoja. We have clay workshops with Ester Lipscomb next to a lecture series on unrelated topics called Take Two,” said Barba. “We have purposefully sought to include as many people working in different spaces as possible.”

The opening for All Together Now begins at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, May 1st. The celebration will feature art, music, refreshments by Cardinal and Treehouse Nut Milk, on-the-spot poetry by Jimmy Lo and a pop-up event by the Broke Art Buyers Club (a program of Medium Arts). The event is free and open to the public.

All Together Now is located inside The Beacon at 1039 Grant Street SE, Suite B15, Atlanta, GA 30315. It is supported by The Beacon.

Participating Artists

Alexander Quinones
Lindsey Tucker
Angela Bortone
Marryam Moma
Angie Jerez
Merideth Hanscom
Antoneisha Harper
Mirely Cabral
Ayanna Smith
Monica Ealey
Chandler Stephens
N. Masani Landfair
Chiomma Hall
Neka King
Christa David
Rachel Ibarra
Clare Wislar
René Shoemaker
Courtney Brooks
Rita Harper
Ester Lipscomb
Steven Anderson
Fabiana Lara-Chavarria
Talecia Tucker
Jared Brown
Taylor Robinson
Jasmine Nicole Williams
Victoria García
Jess Dunlap
Zuzka Vaclavik

Participating Program Partners

Amanda Rountree
Makala Fields
Antoneisha Harper
Morgan Rysdon
Attallah Pamoja
Nadya Valdivieso
Blanca Garcia
Narinder Bazen
Chenoia Bryant
Natalie Flanders
Christa David
Nate Damen
Ella Rose
Nick Edelstein
Ester Lipscomb
Nicole Cabrera Salazar
Eugene “Bear” Gibbs
Riko Morissette
Hannah-Rose Broom
Talecia Tucker
Jena Dost
TeMika Grooms
Leslie Johnson